The Gradiva apartments are located in an ideal location, directly at the town entrance: peaceful yet near the lively centre.

  • 4-minute walk to the Pardatschgrat and Fimba cable cars.
  • 150 m away from Billa (supermarket)
  • 150 m away from the bank
  • 150 m away from the Intersport shop
  • Several Restaurants are located in the immediate vicinity

The name GRADIVA …

… it comes from Latin and means “she who advances”.

There is a relief called Gradiva in the Chiaramonti museum, in Rome, which represents a young lady walking gracefully. The relief is probably a copy of a Greek original from the 4th century BC.
Salvador Dalì used the name GRADIVA as a pet name for his wife GALA and added the title GRADIVA to some of his paintings and sculptures.

Bound to our town

The bound between our family and the town couldn’t be stronger: Huberta Link-Wolf is a former World Cup competitor and Austrian downhill champion as well as a nationally-certified skiing instructor.